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Is the command set the same between pan tilt units?

All E-series PTUs run the firmware image and command set. Because of the differences between the PTUs, there are some minor difference in commanding the units.
  • Positioning commands are done in steps. Because the resolution (angle/step) changes with model and step mode, a pan position of 1000 will result in different angles.
  • The E46 has ‘Classic Vanes’; The D47, D48E, D100E and D300E have ‘Snap To Vanes’. The vane is used in the homing/reset routing. Classic Vanes require sweeping through the entire range of motion. Snap To Vanes go directly to the home position and do a little dance. Because Snap To Vanes don’t sweep the entire range of motion, the reset time is significantly faster. There are a handful of commands specific to Classic Vanes. These commands are not available on units with Snap To Vanes.
  • In the E46, the head and controller are separate pieces. FLIR offers 3 different gear configurations for the E46 head. All head configurations will work with the same controller. This means that the gear ratio can`t be known on the E46 until it is reset. This can cause some anomalous responses prior to the first reset since power up.
  • There are additional commands on pan tilt units with the Inertial Stabilization Module (ISM). The E46 and D47 do not have an ISM option.
  • The E46 and D47 have Compatibility Mode enabled by default. See “Tech Note 35 – Compatibility Mode” for details.