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Is the 14-bit digital output of FLIR`s OEM cameras true usable 14-bit data from the array?

For Quark2, Tau2, as well as the legacy Photon, Omega (a.k.a. Micron, A10), and Alpha cameras, the output is true 14-bit resolution. These cameras allow the user to select between 14-bit `filtered` data and 14-bit `raw` data. The filtered digital data is processed to apply non-uniformity compensation (NUC) terms, noise reduction, digital data enhancement (DDE, a sharpening filter), and bad pixel replacement. The raw digital data also applies NUC terms and noise reduction, but does not implement DDE filtering or bad pixel replacement.

The digital output of Lepton is 14-bit raw data, only.

The Muon digital output is filtered 14-bit data, with two extra bits that flag bad and saturated pixels.