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Is it possible to use the Accessory Kit for the legacy Photon 320 (PN 421-0021-00) with a legacy Photon 640 camera?

This question applies to the legacy Photon camera models. The Photon product line and its accessories have been discontinued. The information here is provided for historical reference.

Connection to a legacy Photon 640 camera can be done using legacy Photon 320 accessories kit if you are using the legacy Photon 320 interface cable (308-0076-00-xx) and a wearsaver connector (250-0194-00) which converts the 30-pin SAMTEC connector to a 15-pin D-sub connector. In this case, the RS-232 communications, analog video output, and input power will operate normally. However, the digital video will not operate.

However, FLIR does NOT recommend connecting a legacy Photon 640 to a legacy Photon 320 I/O module using a legacy Photon 640 interface cable part number 308-0144-0X. The digital video output will not operate, and making such a connection will short one of the camera digital outputs to ground, potentially causing damage to the camera.

The legacy Photon 640 was designed to be used with the ‘universal’ I/O module, part number 333-0018-00. The universal I/O module can be used with either the legacy Photon 640 or the legacy Photon 320, and with either interface cable. Legacy Photon 320 I/O modules and camera interface cables are grey. Legacy Photon 640 I/O modules are blue, and the camera interface cable 26-pin connector ends are blue.