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If a lens-less FLIR OEM camera core is purchased, how can it be calibrated with a lens?


Although Quark2 has the same memory features as Tau, FLIR does not offer lens-less versions of Quark2 for sale, nor do we recommend changing lenses on Quark2. This is because the sensor package is extremely sensitive to debris that may be introduced when a lens is removed or installed. Any lens calibration activity would need to be performed in a clean room environment by qualified technicians or engineers.


Tau2 640 cameras are provisioned with memory that allows up to one additional lens calibration (two total) to be created and stored in the camera. Tau2 324 and 336 cameras are provisioned with memory that allows up to two additional lens calibrations (three total) to be created and stored in the camera. The calibration utility is coded into the Camera Control GUI, but requires a .dll file from FLIR to enable the additional lens calibration feature. A blackbody source is highly recommended for performing lens calibrations. FLIR offers a low-cost blackbody source as a camera accessory at


The Photon product line and its accessories have been discontinued. The information here is provided for historical purposes.

For legacy Photon camera customers that furnish their own compatible optics, FLIR sells a WindowsTM application program called Alt Lens Cal. This software allows users to perform a supplementary calibration of the camera with a lens. This field-calibration process requires the use of at least one blackbody source (a uniform, controllable temperature reference) that has an area greater than the diameter of the front of the lens. It also requires a customer-furnished PC, which should be dedicated to this task.

The Alt Lens calibration routine calculates gain terms on a per-pixel basis with the customer-supplied lens attached to the legacy Photon core, and stores the customer-performed calibration in non-volatile camera memory. The original factory calibration coefficients are first uploaded from the camera and stored into a file on the PC, then the new calibration data is downloaded and stored directly into the camera. Multiple calibration files can be stored on the host computer. The original factory calibration file can be restored if necessary, and the user can actually build a library of lens calibration files for a legacy Photon camera.

The ALC software is part number 110-0106-72, and supports all versions of legacy Photon cameras delivered beginning in 2008.