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How shock-tolerant is the iris shutter used in the Compact Tau2?

If any camera with an iris shutter is exposed to a hard shock, the shutter can close and remain closed. In the case of a Tau2 camera, the shutter will remain closed until the next automatic shutter event, which might be several minutes. If the Tau2 is being remotely controlled, then a `shutter open` command can be sent to open the shutter.

Some customers (including FLIR) have mounted the iris-shutter based Compact Tau2 upside-down to reduce the likelihood of a shock event closing the shutter. The image can be inverted using the Camera Control GUI to correct for 180-degree mounting. However, the Tau2 image should be inspected for possible bad pixels if the camera is mounted upside-down. The Camera Control GUI has a feature to allow bad pixels to the replaced if they appear in this usage scenario, and to save any such replaced pixels in a bad pixel map that is automatically applied to the image.