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How does FLIR software communicate with the Tau2 over the serial interface? Is there is a development resource and tools to help design and write an application?

Most Tau2 support documents can be found at the Documents tab at the main Tau2 page:
  • The Product Specification briefly discusses the Command and Control interface at the bottom of page 12
  • The Electrical Interface Description Document (EIDD) provides details of the Tau2 physical interface
  • The Software Interface Description Document (SWIDD) provides the protocol and commands associated with the interface
There are four ways that a user can communicate with a FLIR Tau2 camera:
  1. The FLIR Camera Control GUI, which runs on a Windows-based operating system. The GUI has also been demonstrated to work running Windows installed on Intel-based Macs running Apple`s Boot Camp;
  2. Direct serial commands as specified in the Software IDD;
  3. Discrete I/O pins that allow up to 8 functions to be assigned. Refer to the Tau2 Electrical IDD 102-PS242-41, paragraph 3.1.5.
  4. A custom interface using FLIR`s Software Developer`s Kit (SDK). The SDK is an accessory product intended for advanced users. The SDK part number is 110-0142-16, and is priced at $995. The FLIR SDK provides customers the capability to integrate software that can communicate and perform camera functions.
  5. There are two main components that comprise the SDK:
  • The Windows Host SDK provides source code (C, C++), samples (C++, C#, VB), and binaries (DLL`s) to aid customers in the development of camera integration software in a Windows environment.
  • The Embedded Host SDK provides low-level source code written in C that allows the developer to integrate the SDK with the FLIR camera on a non-Windows OS. Standard driver interfaces are provided by the SDK source code, but the low-level drivers (e.g., UART) need to be supplied by the developer.
  • The SDK is typically delivered directly to an internet (Box) location from which the software can be immediately downloaded after payment has been received by FLIR.