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How do Tau2-based FLIR Security products implement RS-422?

FLIR`s security products implement RS-232 or RS-422 with additional circuitry. These boards are not for sale as stand-alone units, but are mentioned as examples of what can be done. A real-world consumer or military application requires some signal or power conditioning not present in these camera cores, so it is expected that some external circuitry will be provided in most Tau2 and Quark2 applications where these cameras will be integrated into `finished-goods` or similar end-systems.

The FLIR SR series camera was an example of a complete consumer level camera that consisted of a Tau2, an environmental enclosure, power conditioning, and RS-232/422 capability. This product has been discontinued. Its replacement uses Ethernet rather than RS-422.

The FLIR Ax5 series of cameras is a more compact product based on a Tau2 core, but provides a POE interface for power, control, and video.