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How do I talk to and control the PathFindIR?

The basic version of PathFindIR supports power and video only. Command and control requires that a PathFindIR be purchased that is configured with this feature. PathFindIR`s command and control is based on LIN bus communication protocol, an automotive standard. The serial command set that FLIR can provide is limited to 2x zoom, polarity, invert, revert, and color palettes. The customer must obtain a serial-to-LIN converter (not supplied by FLIR) and use the command set found in the PathFindIR Interface Control Document. Also, FLIR does not make or offer any other cables for interfacing with the remaining pins found on the PathFindIR electrical connector. Customers must make a custom cable to connect to the communication pins and/or digital data pins and interface to the serial-to-LIN converter. FLIR does not support warranty claims resulting from damage caused by an improperly sealed cable, or an incorrectly wired cable. The standard system cable only supports input power and video output signals.