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How do I purchase a mini-coaxial (MCX) video cable? What is the MCX size?

MCX (micro coaxial) connectors are coaxial RF connectors. They have the same inner contact and insulator dimensions as an SMA connector but are 30% smaller. MCX is standardized in European CECC 22220.

MCX connectors use a snap-on interface. The version used by FLIR is specified for 75 Ω impedance to support Tau2 and Quark2 analog video. (50 Ω versions are used for data and RF.) The contact surfaces of the MCX connector are gold-plated. The outer diameter of the plug is approx 3.6 mm, or 0.140 inch.

FLIR includes a 6-foot MCX to BNC cable as part of the VPC module kit. This cable can also be purchased separately from FLIR using part number 4115262, for $30.

We can suggest two MCX cable sources: SAMTEC and CDINT. Both offer MCX (male or plug) to BNC (male) connector options. Low-cost BNC to RCA adapters are readily available for monitors with RCA inputs. The 6-foot cable FLIR furnishes is a SAMTEC RF179-74SP1-72SP1-1829. The CDINT equivalent is a BMC-179-6.