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How can I recover my PTU if power is turned off while at or near a pan position approximately 180 degrees from home?

When an MCS PTU is powered up, it does not know its position and must run through a reset sequence to “find itself”. If your PTU does not have Pan Continuous Enabled and is near 180 degrees from the home position, it will fail to reset and produce an `Initialization error`. With firmware version 3.3.4 and newer, the message `Reset Attempted in Lockout Region` will appear. If your unit has a slip-ring and your installation allows continuous panning ( D100E and D300E have slip-rings, most D48E have slip-rings. These instructions do not apply to D generation or E46 units):
  1. Enable continuous panning with the `PCE ` command (you may have to enable limits `LE ` to do this).
  2. Enable reset with `RE `. This will make the unit move back to home. It might move in either direction. This move cannot be halted, so make sure you`re ready.
  3. If you want to continue the continuous pan functionality, save these settings with `DS `.
If your unit does not have a slip-ring or your installation does not allow continuous panning, the following procedure will work on all units. It is very important that the PTU return towards home the same way in which it got there. So, if the system was moving clockwise when it got to its current position, make sure it moves counter clockwise to get out of it.
  1. Disable Limits with `LD `
  2. Disable Reset with `RD `
  3. Save these values with `DS `
  4. Power Cycle the unit.
  5. Slowly move the unit out of the 180 degree region with small pan offset commands like `PO500 ` to move clockwise or `PO-500 ` to move counter clockwise. On the first move or two, verify that the unit is moving the correct direction.
  6. Repeat step 5 until the unit has moved approximately 30 degrees (+/- 10 degrees).
  7. Command a normal reset with `RE ` (This will move both pan and tilt axes.)
  8. Restore limits with `LE ` (if desired).
  9. Save settings with `DS `