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How can I purchase a Lepton?

For testing and evaluation purposes, Lepton and Lepton accessories are available from several sources, including Digi-Key, Avnet, and GroupGets. Customers with sufficient volume requirements can expect Digi-Key and Avnet to also provide design assistance, logistic support, inventory management, and similar support for Lepton.

To facilitate faster development, testing, and evaluation, Lepton source code examples for well-known development kits such as Raspberry Pi are available through sites such as github.

Downloads for the Lepton SDK - 32 bit and Lepton SDK – 64 bit processors, as well as IDD documentation and mechanical/electrical design info are available at FLIR’s Lepton website page (Resources tab), as well as Pure Engineering.

For high volume OEM customers that desire to work directly with FLIR Systems, our Business Development team can provide design assistance and overall business strategies to enter emerging markets.