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Does Tau2 or Quark furnish an ability to wirelessly transmit or downlink video data from an unmanned vehicle or drone?

While this is certainly possible through third party interfaces, FLIR does not currently offer a product to support wireless video transmission or serial communications. The most common form of wireless video downlink in the small consumer unmanned aerial system (UAS) market is through an analog output in one of several bands (i.e., 1G3, 2G4, and 4 x 5G8). Quark, Quark2, Tau, and Tau2 all provide standard NTSC and PAL video (selectable) analog outputs.

FPV (First Person View) devices such as FatShark® incorporate analog streaming and have successfully been used with FLIR thermal imaging cores. These devices are readily available through many hobby stores, as well as online, and can even incorporate transmission signals that work on smart devices.

FLIR Tau products for commercial UAS applications and consumers can be purchased and supported through two of the largest hobby-type UAS distributors in North America: Intelligent UAS, and Atlanta Hobby,

Typically, FLIR directs individual consumer inquiries concerning thermal imaging modules to be used as payload cameras on small UAS or drones (for non-military applications) to these firms given their experience, accessories, and knowledge of how to help integrate into these types of UAS.

Both of these firms are the largest DJI and small UAV distributors in the country. They have been trained on the Tau unit, can package a bracket/mount, and provide other accessories that may be of interest, such as recording and video downlink.

Intelligent UAS
6801 Kenilworth Avenue, Suite 140
Riverdale, MD 20737
(240) 582-5381
Pierre Ashton, or Daisy Dao,

Atlanta Hobby
6110 Parkway North Dr
Cumming, GA 30040
(678) 513-4450
Cliff Whitney,