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Does Muon have defective pixel replacement?

This question can be answered both `Yes` and `No`. Muon does have a primitive defective pixel replacement routine. This is simply the previously known good pixel. Defective pixels are identified during calibration at FLIR and the OEM customer should develop their own defective pixel replacement based on this bad pixel map. The normal process used is at least a 3x3 pixel replacement or more desirably a 5x5 pixel replacement. Muon can’t perform a 3x3 or 5x5 since it uses no RAM and can only process pixels & frames one by one. Commonly available defective pixel replacement algorithms should be employed by the customer in their hardware processing unit. This saves cost, power and size on the Muon core. As a result of this Muon architecture, the core is able to start in less than 0.2 seconds and is extremely low power at less than 300mW (for a QVGA core).