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Does FLIR plan to offer faster lenses for its OEM cameras, such as f-1.0?

There are many considerations involved with choosing which lenses to offer with thermal imaging cameras, including cost, performance, size, weight, and market demands. Because FLIR`s typical sensor-level performance is very good, the best combination of lens value and performance for the Tau2 and Quark2 cameras suggests the use of optics in the f/1.2 range. The 100mm lens for Tau2 is a notable exception at f/1.6.

Most Boson lenses are f/1.0.

The use of faster optics does provide better system-level performance, but at the expense of decreased depth of focus, as well as lenses being larger, heavier, and more expensive.

For customers that wish to explore the use of other optics, there are lensless Tau2 and Boson options. FLIR will sell, as a separate accessory, the lens mount used for the narrow field of view optics that FLIR offers. There is a provision in the Tau2 640 camera to store calibration data for up to 2 lenses to support the use of an alternate lens.

FLIR does not recommend removing Quark2 lenses, and does not offer a lensless Quark2 configuration except to qualified customers.

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