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Does FLIR offer MWIR bolometers, i.e., bolometers that are sensitive to mid-wave infrared?

FLIR`s uncooled cameras are not designed to operate in the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) band, which is typically characterized as between 3.0-5.0 microns. Special infrared-transparent windows are used on the sensor packages which filter out infrared radiation at wavelengths below 7.0 microns. This makes FLIR`s OEM thermal cameras less susceptible to image artifacts caused by direct or indirect solar light. The typical spectral response of a Tau2 camera built with a standard window can be found on the Tau 640 homepage and the Tau 320 homepage, under the tab labeled `Documents.` The spectral response of Boson is slightly different due to its smaller pixel geometry, refer to the Boson datasheet for the spectral response.

FLIR may consider customer requests for sensor packages with custom windows in cases where high production volumes are expected.

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