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Do Tau2 or Quark2 cameras allow for thermography and temperature characterization?

Radiometry is an optional feature in Tau2 and Quark2 cameras. Due to calibration considerations, Radiometry is not field-upgradable in cameras delivered prior to the release dates shown below:
  • The first release of Radiometry in production Tau2 cameras was August 2012;
  • The first release of Radiometry in production Quark2 cameras was July 2014.

There is no thermography (radiometric) capability in the first generation Tau and Quark cameras. These products were principally designed to be thermal imaging cameras. If you are interested in using a Tau or Quark for temperature measurement applications, one possible source of support is NWB Sensors. NWB also provides aftermarket services for the legacy Photon line of thermal cameras. These services include a full radiometric calibration and aftermarket lenses including lens calibration. The phone number for NWB is 406-579-0510, or email