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Do Boson, Tau2, or Quark2 meet any military environmental specifications or requirements?

PathFindIR II is the only FLIR Cores product that meet or exceed an IP67 rating.

FLIR`s OEM products such as Boson, Tau2, and Quark2 are intended as thermal imaging camera cores for integration into higher-level systems. Boson, Tau2, and Quark2 are not completely sealed, and therefore not IP-rated. Tau2 and Boson camera models with wide field of view (WFoV) lenses are sealed at the front element to IP67, providing the possibility for customers to have a sealed system in which the lens protrudes out.

The anodized lens holder used for Tau2 also incorporates an o-ring seal groove on the flat front surface of the camera body, as well as a threaded outer lens barrel. These features are intended to allow customers to mount WFoV models of Tau2 in a bulkhead enclosure, without the need for an external window.

Tau2 is rated at 200g shock (vs. 70g for legacy Photon). Quark2`s shock rating is 800g. Boson`s shock rating is 1,500g. Many thousands of FLIR cores are used in automotive applications as a nighttime driving aid. The environmental requirements imposed by automobile manufacturers are generally far more stringent than for military systems. Many more thousands of FLIR cores are used as thermal imaging payloads in small unmanned vehicles (drones) used by the military, which frequently crash-land.

Customers have reported to FLIR that Tau2 and other FLIR OEM products experience forces of many hundreds and in some cases thousands of g’s, yet in most cases keep on working well beyond the product design specifications. These real-world use scenarios are the best testimonials to the ruggedness and reliability of Tau2 and other FLIR OEM products. FLIR uses the term “commercially-developed, military-qualified” (CDMQ) to define such use. Positioning Tau2 and Quark2 as CDMQ products helps FLIR keep product prices low, because to MIL-qualify any product adds cost which, in turn, increases the final price.