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Can the video output of PathFindIR II be displayed on a computer monitor rather than an analog display?

This question was asked with respect to using using an S-VHS (Super-VHS) converter with PathFindIR`s analog video output. To display the analog video image on an HDMI monitor, try using an analog-to-HDMI converter. FLIR has had success with these types of devices made by the company BlackMagic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that BlackMagic has a device that will take an analog video source and convert it directly to HDMI. They do, however, have a converter that goes from analog to SDI. An additional converter will take the SDI input and convert it to HDMI. FLIR uses several of these devices in one of our labs. They work very well, and have been demonstrated to work with PathfindIR II.

It is likely that there are other devices on the market that can convert analog to HDMI directly, the basic requirement is to verify that they can accept an analog (NTSC or PAL) signal.