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Can the legacy Photon rear cover be removed? What other rear cover options does FLIR offer for Photon?

This question applies to the legacy Photon camera models. The Photon product line and it accessories have been discontinued. The information here is provided for historical reference.

Unless otherwise specified by an OEM agreement, all Photon cameras with lenses were delivered with a rear (shipping) cover. This cover afforded some protection to the electronics, but could be removed by the customer. The standard rear cover had a cut-out to allow access to the SAMTEC 30-pin connector. This cut-out was sized to enable the wearsaver adapter to be installed.

An optional rear cover was available for Photon that enclosed the wearsaver adapter, and jack posts were provided to which the interface cable could be securely attached. The wearsaver cover was furnished as part of the Photon Accessory Kit, or as a standalone item using part number 261-1273-00. The wearsaver cover was provided as a separate item in addition to the standard cover when delivered.

NOTE: For the legacy Photon 320 camera, the wearsaver adapter was required for compatibility with the Ethernet Module. FLIR recommended the wearsaver cover in cases where the Ethernet Module was used with a Photon 320. For the legacy Photon 640 camera, the EMI cover accessory was required for compatibility with the Ethernet Module. Legacy Photon 320 Rear Cover Options:
  • 261-1273-00 Wearsaver Cover. Provided as part of the optional Photon Accessory Kit (along with the Wearsaver Connector). Used by most one-off customers and some OEM customers due to its secure connection ability.
  • 261-1082-00 OEM Shipping Cover. Provided as a standard part of the Photon Camera Core configuration.
  • 500-0312-00 EMI Rear Cover. Optional cover that provides some EMI mitigation by means of a separate electronics board, shielding, and grounding.