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Can FLIR substantiate the environmental performance of its products with any reports from tests previously performed?

FLIR’s Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) process is proprietary and is not shared with customers without an executed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a demonstrated need-to-know.
  • Boson`s shock rating is 1,500g @ 0.4 msec.
  • Quark2`s shock rating is 800g.
  • Tau2 is rated at 200g shock.
  • The legacy Photon was rated to 70g.

Over 100,000 FLIR cores have been or are being used in automotive applications as a nighttime driving aid. The environmental requirements imposed by automobile manufacturers are generally far more stringent than for military systems.

In addition, tens of thousands of FLIR cores are used as thermal imaging payloads in small unmanned vehicles (aka drones or remotely piloted aircraft) used by the military, which sometimes crash-land. Some customers have reported that their FLIR OEM cameras experience forces of many hundreds and in some cases thousands of g’s, yet in most cases keep on working well beyond the product design specifications.
FLIR believes that real-world use scenarios provide the best evidence of the ruggedness and reliability of FLIR`s OEM products. FLIR uses the term “commercially-developed, military-qualified” or CDMQ to define such use.