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Can FLIR provide information on the screws used in the assembly of Tau2 cameras?

The machine screws used to secure the Tau2 subassemblies are zinc-plated steel socket head cap screws. Zinc-plated steel was chosen due to the magnesium material used for the Tau2 camera frame – there is less electrochemical potential difference.

Four each 1.6mm x 8mm screws are used to secure the lens holder to a Tau2 with a paddle shutter. For Tau2 cameras incorporating Compact shutters, four each 1.6mm x 12mm screws are used.

The standard Tau2 rear cover is attached using four each 1.6mm x 6 mm screws.

The optional Camera Link module obviates the standard rear cover, and attaches to the Tau2 camera using two each 1.6mm x 8mm and two each 1.6mm x 16mm screws.