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Can FLIR offer any advice on video transmitters for drones, quadcopters, UAVs?

Standard best-practices apply when flying drones or quadcopters or similar UAVs with live video transmitters:
  • Never use the same frequency for your video signal as you use for the aircraft`s control. The most common control frequency is 2.4 GHz, but 5.8 GHz is also used in some consumer-grade platforms.
  • Another available video frequency is 1.3 GHz. If you use this video frequency on the same aircraft that uses an on-board GPS or uses 2.4 GHz for control, make sure that you use an appropriate low-pass filter on the video transmitter between the transmitter`s signal output and the antenna. One example of such a filter can be found here.
  • Always follow applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of video transmission devices.