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As for camera control software, what does FLIR offer and what are the capabilities?

FLIR`s Camera Control Graphical User Interface (GUI) supports the operation of Tau2, Quark2, and legacy Photon cameras. The GUI is a PC program that enables remote command and control of many commonly used camera functions and features through an RS-232 serial interface to the camera. Drivers are included that enable the Tau2 camera to be controlled over USB protocol.

The Camera Control GUI is available as a free download at . A camera is not required in order to run the GUI and view its capabilities.

Most legacy Photon cameras built and delivered before 2008 require dedicated camera GUI`s that can be downloaded at , along with specific instructions on which version to use depending on the vintage of camera.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) can be purchased by customers that wish to develop their own custom interface to the Tau2, Quark2, and legacy Photon cameras. Ordering information for the SDK and other camera accessories can be found at