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Ready to Fly ZMR250 Mini Racing Quadcopter

Ready to Fly ZMR250 Mini Racing Quadcopter

Single-unit price: $369.00 + free shipping

Not available / campaign end date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 12:00:00 PDT

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Ready to Fly ZMR250 Mini Racing Quadcopter

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Product Description

This fully Assembled Ready to Fly ZMR250 Mini Racing Quadcopter has everything you need to get in the air. Each quadcopter has been tested and tuned before shipment.

The ZMR250 has a strong and sturdy composite Carbon Fiber ZMR250 frame and uses one of the most advanced flight controllers available, the Open Pilot CC3D. This is an open source flight controller with a large community of pilots/developers working to constantly improve it.

RTF image

The ZMR250 Quadcopter has the Powerful WST MT1806 2300KV brushless motors that swing 5045 Nylon Propellers using the HobbyWing X-Rotor 10 Amp ESCs.



  • Excellent platform to easily add an FPV system to (available as an add-on bellow).
  • Strong and sturdy composite Carbon Fiber ZMR250 frame for ultimate Racing experience.
  • XT-60 Battery connectors.
  • The Radio is slick, light weight, and has adjustable gimbal stick length. Built in dual antennas for maximum signal strength.
  • The Receiver is a telemetry receiver as well as a dual receiver for best signal reception in any maneuver.
  • HobbyWing X-Rotor ESCs are specially designed for Multirotors to give you ultimate throttle control for acro maneuvers.
  • The Advanced Open Pilot CC3D Flight Controller is upgraded to Boot loader v4 to work with the latest GCS release v15.02 and also updated with Firmware v2015-03-12.
  • The Quadcopter is Tuned to give you Great Stability and Control.
  • Flight time 8-10 minutes, depending on how it is flown.

ZMR250 Side


  • Propeller: 5045 Nylon (CW anc CCW)
  • Motor: WST 1806 2280KV
  • ESC: HobbyWing X-Rotor 10 Amp (No BEC)
  • UBEC : HobbyWing 3A @ 5V (Max 5A and 6V Selectable)
  • Flight Controller: Open Pilot CC3D (BL v4 / FW v2015-03-12)
  • Frame: ZMR250 (composite Carbon Fiber Construction)
  • Flysky FS-I6 (6 channel) remote
  • FS-iA6 6 Channel Telemetry Receiver, sends receiver voltage (support for additional sensors)
  • 1500mAH 3s LiPo battery
  • Max Payload: Approximately 250grams
  • Top Speed: Approximately 50-60 miles per hour
  • Battery Connector: XT-60
  • Free: Plastic Protective Carrying Case

ZMR in case

ZMR250 Quick Start Guide - PDF


  • Charger is not included, we recommend the iMax B6AC as a low cost solution.
  • Some images may contain parts that are available as an optional accessory, such as the FPV transmitter and camera.


Why GroupGets?

This is an excellent ready to fly 250 class Quadcopter great for getting started with QC racing and FPV.

External Links

Manufacturer product page

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One fully assembled RTF ZMR250 Mini Racing Quadcopter, Plastic carrying case, Remote, Reciever, Spare set of 5045 props, & Battery

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Not available / campaign funded, end date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 12:00:00 PDT

Factory Lead Time

7 Days lead time. Days

Options and Add-Ons

FPV Package


This package adds a camera and 200mW 5.8Ghz transmitter which are installed and tested on your quad-copter. This will transmit video from your quadcopter so you can fly it in First Person View (requires FPV goggles or screen with receiver).


  • Camera
  • 200mW 5.8Ghz transmitter

  • Camera and transmitter are approximately 35grams

  • Camera Specifications:

    • Lens: 2.6mm IR Coated
    • FOV: 110 degree horizontal (127 degree horizontal)
    • Power Supply: 3.6-5.5 V (powered by Transmitter)
    • Sensor: 1/3 CMOS
    • Resolution : 700 TVL
    • Type : Board Camera
    • Size: 32mm x 32mm
    • Type: NTSC board Camera
  • Video Transmitter Specifications:

    • Output Power: 200mW
    • Operating Channel: 32CH
    • Operating Voltage: 7V - 24V
    • Antenna Connector: RP-SMA male
    • Transmitter frequency: 5645-5945MHz with 200mW power output
    • Rubber duck antenna(2db)

Turnigy 1500mAh 3S 11.1v Battery


Don't want to wait while your battery is charging? Then grab another Turnigy 1500mAh 3S 11.1v Battery.


  • Specifications:
    • Minimum Capacity: 1500mAh
    • Configuration: 3S1P / 11.1v / 3Cell
    • Constant Discharge: 20C
    • Peak Discharge (10sec): 30C
    • Pack Weight: 124g
    • Pack Size: 78 x 34 x 24m
    • Charge Plug: JST-XH
    • Discharge plug: XT60

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