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Single-unit price: $99.99 + shipping

Not available / campaign end date: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 12:58:00 PDT

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Open Acoustic Devices

Product Description

μMoth (“micro-moth”) is the worlds smallest full-spectrum acoustic development board, based on AudioMoth and the Gecko processor range. Just like its namesake the moth, μMoth can listen at audible frequencies, well into ultrasonic frequencies. It measures just 25mm x 36mm and weighs 4 grams. It is capable of recording uncompressed audio to microSD card at rates from 8,000 to 384,000 samples per second. It also shares the same supporting software and firmware as AudioMoth.


  • EFM32 Gecko processor
  • Capable of recording at sample rates up to 384kHz
  • Records uncompressed WAV files to microSD card
  • Powered by a two pin JST-PH connector 
  • Can be used with 3.7 V - 6 V batteries
  • Analog MEMS microphone
  • Analog pre-amplifier with adjustable gain
  • Measures just 26 x 36 mm
  • Configurable USB interface
  • Onboard real-time clock keeps track of time in UTC
  • Exposed header for GPIO expansion 

Compatible battery from Sparkfun

Important Notes

  • Limited to 5 units per backer  
  • International Duties and Taxes are not included, you may be required to pay these before delivery.
  • Lead time is subject to change
  • Lead time before shipment is 60 days from the date that the campaign closes 

Why GroupGets?

Audiomoth has had great success with past campaigns. Open Acoustic Devices is now introducing the μMoth.

External Links

Manufacturer product page

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One μMoth v1.0

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Not available / campaign funded, end date: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 12:58:00 PDT

Factory Lead Time

60 Days

Options and Add-Ons

Micro USB Cable


300.0 mm (0.98') Micro USB Cable

64GB Micro SD Card


One of the following models of micro-sd cards. These have been validated by Open Acoustic Devices to deliver the highest quality recordings and best compatibility with AudioMoth 1.2.0 (card model determined by available supply).

SanDisk Extreme® microSDHC™ UHS-I w/adapter- 64GB

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We are proud to support μMoth in reaching its goal. Once the target has been reached the product will be distributed to all backers. Don't miss out on becoming a backer!

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