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DIY-Thermocam V3

DIY-Thermocam V3

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Campaign scheduled end date: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 06:43:00 PDT

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Product Details


DIY-Thermocam V3

Brand / Manufacturer

Max Ritter

Manufacturer Part #


Product Description

The DIY Thermocam Version 3 has been redesigned to offer 3x the performance of the predecessor, making thermal imaging much more accessible and fun!

The aim of this project is to give private persons, educational institutes and companies access to a portable, affordable and customizable thermal imaging platform that is based on open-source software and hardware.

There are various applications like finding heat leaks in the insulation of buildings, the analysis of electrical or mechanical components, the detection of persons / animals or even mounting it on a drone and recording continuous or time-lapse images.

Constructed as a self-assembly solution, the device allows you to take advantage of the versatile possibilities of thermal imaging. Both the software and hardware are open-source, allowing you to modify or extend the functionalities of the device and the software ecosystem to your own needs!

The DIY-Thermocam V3 self-assembly KIT contains all required components excluding the FLIR Lepton 2.5/3.5 and the Lepton Breakout Board V2. If you don't already own a FLIR Lepton or Lepton Breakout Board V2, these can be added as accessories at checkout.

For more information and the assembly guide, check out

DIY Thermocam Demo


  • Fast ARM Cortex M7 processor (600MHz), based on the popular Teensy 4.1 microcontroller
  • Frame rate of up to 9 FPS (US export compliance)
  • 18 different color schemes including rainbow, ironblack, grayscale, hot & cold
  • 3.2 inch LCD touch display with bright colors, wide angle and resistive touch
  • Save thermal images with a resolution of 640x480 pixels on the device
  • Save real-time videos and interval images with different time-lapse settings
  • Internal storage over microSD card, accessible as a Mass Storage device on any PC via USB
  • 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery for long operation time (4-6 hours)
  • Open-source firmware written in Arduino compatible C/C++ code
  • Regular firmware updates with new features, flashable over a cross-OS firmware updater
  • Continuously growing ecosystem of software and open-source libraries to extend the device capabilities on the PC
  • Use simple commands to receive all thermal & configuration data over the USB serial port with high speed

DIY Thermocam Front

Included Parts

  • 1 x PCB V3.0
  • 6 x 2D Laser Cutted Enclosure Parts
  • 1 x Charging Module
  • 1 x Charging LED
  • 1 x 5V Step-Up Converter
  • 1 x 3.2" TFT LCD Touch Display
  • 1 x Teensy 4.1 Microcontroller
  • 1 x Red Lipo Protector
  • 1 x 8GB microSD Card
  • 4 x Screw M2x18
  • 4 x Standoff M2x12
  • 3 x Screw M2x8
  • 4 x Distance Bolt M2.5x11
  • 4 x Distance Bolt M2.5x20
  • 4 x Distance Bolt M2.5x5
  • 4 x Nut M2 Plastic
  • 3 x Nut M2 Metal
  • 3 x Washer M2
  • 8 x Screw M2.5x6
  • 1 x Tripod
  • 1 x Tripod Socket
  • 3 x Cable Piece Red
  • 3 x Cable Piece Black
  • 1 x Lithium Polymer Battery
  • 1 x microUSB Cable
  • 1 x Coin Cell Battery
  • 2 x Male Header Strip
  • 2 x Female Header Strip
  • 2 x Shrinking Tube
  • 1 x Power Switch
  • 1 x Push Button
  • 1 x Coin Cell Holder
  • 1 x Display Connector
  • 1 x Lepton Connector
  • 4 x 4.7k Resistor
  • 2 x 10k Resistor
  • 1 x Enclosure Lepton Protector


Documents and Links

Important Notes

  • Make sure to add a FLIR Lepton 2.5 or 3.5 and Breakout Board V2 below if you do not already have both. They are critical components for this KIT but many of our users likely already have them.
  • Check out the illustrated Assembly Guide for the required tools and how to assemble the DIY-Thermocam on your own in about 2-3 hours.

DIY Thermocam Inside

Why GroupGets?

Get everything you need to build your DIY-Thermocam V3 in one place! See the "Included Parts" and "Important Notes" sections for more detail.

External Links

Manufacturer product page

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

Get everything you need to build your DIY-Thermocam V3 in one place! See the "Included Parts" and "Important Notes" sections for more detail.

Unit Price


Campaign Part #



Campaign funded, scheduled end date: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 06:43:00 PDT

Factory Lead Time

7 Days

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