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USB Killer Detector

USB Killer Detector

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USB Killer Detector

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Instant Devices

Product Description

USB Killer Detector

Protect Your Devices With The USB Killer Detector

A Device That Detects USB Killers Before They Cause Damage

A USB Killer can appear to be a harmless USB flash drive, but when connected to a USB port of a computer or phone, these devices convert the 5 Volts provided by the port into approximately -220 Volts.

This can potentially destroy the connected device, resulting in lost time, money, and data.

The intentional use of these devices to harm hardware has propagated over the years. Furthermore, USB Killers have been highly developed, making the process of harming hardware very easy, silent, elegant, and tempting to the eyes of many.

Examples to demonstrate the dangers of USB Killers:

  • Detect a USB Killer in seconds
  • Battery-powered, portable, and rechargeable with micro USB
  • Works without being connected to your valuable hardware
  • 3D printable enclosure files included!

USB Killer Detector

Case 3D Model

USB Killer Detector PCB

USB Killer Detector PCB


Why GroupGets?

My name is Carlos Guzman, and I am an entrepreneur interested in many fields of security applications such as hardware security. My team and I design and bring to life many interesting projects that we hope could be of use to the people who may use them.

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One USB Killer Detector and 3D STEP files for two enclosures (Battery Not Included)

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Campaign active, ends when minimum unit count reached

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28 Days

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