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Larson Scanner 2021

Larson Scanner 2021

Pre-Launch Campaign

This is a pre-launch campaign and will be available soon.

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Larson Scanner 2021

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Product Description

LARSON SCANNER 2021 New Larson Scanner is expected soon!

What is it?

Larson Scanner 2021 is my 4th revision on this very interesting subject Only this was time to add more to it.

Why did you make it?

It is fun! Need more reason? And new version is also practical!

What makes it special?

Instead of using an attiny13 or similar this time I am using an attiny1616 and 16 addressable LED. Besides the Larson Scanner pattern, one can program it with different patterns and there is a push button to select function/patterns. There is more to it though... Onboard the pcb which is same size as previous versions (165x17mm) you will find an I2C ambient light sensor, an I2C temperature sensor & a microphone! On the back you can solder Grove connectors giving access to UART, I2C & GPIO including DAC output. Supplied are right angle PH2.54 connectors but the connections are more or less following Grove ecosystem guidelines It is powered through the mUSB connector but can also use PSU4056L modules same as previous versions. mUSB is also used to access the UPDI programming pin and I even made a programmer to help with this (optional) Larson Scanner is using WS2812C addressable RGB LED for relatively low power consumption.

Using the LED as a bar graph you can use it as a VU Meter, Thermometer, Night Light, indicate various conditions etc. An add on board is on the making which will hold a 14500 Li-Ion or LiFePO4 cell and power management (charger etc.) and possibly a small audio amplifier & speaker to use with the DAC output.

  • How many LEDs? 16x WS2812C RGB addressable LED
  • How much current? around 5mA when idle with LED off, 250mA max
  • What kind of power supply needed? Any micro USB 5V source will be just fine but any 5VDC source can also be used. Combined with PSU4056 voltage regulator it can be used in automotive environment or be powered from any DC source from 5-40V. Here you will be able to order a modified PSU4056 using ceramic capacitors only for a slim profile.

I have also made a simple programmer for the new Larson Scanner as the UPDI is passing through the mUSB port.

LARSON SCANNER 2021 is using attiny1616

Why GroupGets?

I need to make 100pcs in order to maintain low cost

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

ONE (-1-) Larson Scanner pcb fully assembled

Campaign Part #



Campaign pre launch, ends when minimum unit count reached

Options and Add-Ons

UPDI programmer adapter


This is a small adapter to allow programming using Arduino IDE.

UPDI programming pin is accessible via the mUSB connector.

Buyer must supply his own Arduino Nano!!

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