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PureThermal OpenMV

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Product Details


PureThermal OpenMV

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Product Description

The PureThermal OpenMV by GetLab is a co-designed collaboration product between GetLab and OpenMV to produce a high-end mixed color and thermal camera for professional applications. For sensors the board features a 5MP OV5640 camera module, a FLIR Lepton socket capable of supporting any FLIR Lepton, and the VL53L0X laser range finder to assist in drawing the thermal image on the color image using the right offset/scaling. Live video can be displayed on the 4.3” 800x480 IPS TFT capacitive touch LCD onboard, mirrored to an HDMI monitor, or streamed over WiFi via RTSP. Finally, the PureThermal OpenMV can be programmed like any OpenMV Cam in Python to make it do anything you like via the MicroPython API. The PureThermal OpenMV is the product you’ve been waiting for!


The PureThermal OpenMV is based on the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus by OpenMV. You program it with the amazing OpenMV IDE. It’s got TensorFlow support and can run Neural Networks, it can track colored objects, do person detection, and much more! For a complete description of all the functionality onboard and what can be done see the API. Here’s what’s onboard:

  • The STM32H743XI Arm® Cortex®-M7 SoC running at 480 MHz
    • w/ 64 MB of SDRAM running at 400 MB/s
    • w/ 32 MB of QUADSPI flash running at 50 MB/s
    • RTC for date/time stamp keeping when battery backed
  • The OV5640 5MP (2592x1944) Color Camera Sensor
    • w/ Autofocus Support
  • A FLIR Lepton Socket
    • Supports the FLIR Lepton 1/2/2.5/3/3.5
    • Supports non-radiometric/radiometric letpons seamlessly
      • This is a frequently asked question. Yes, this product can do everything.
  • The VL53L0X Laser Range Finder (can measure up to 2 meters)
  • A microSD Card socket
    • Supports SD/SDHC/SDXC microSD Cards
    • Supports FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/exFAT
  • An RGB LED Indicator
  • A High-brightness White LED Illuminator
  • A buzzer with volume and frequency control for audio notifications
  • The WINC1500 WiFi Soc (FCC Certified)
    • Can stream MJPEG compressed images at up to 12 Mb/s using RTSP
    • Or can be used for internet connectivity for any purpose
  • A 4.3” 800x480 IPS TFT capacitive touch LCD
    • 24-bit color refreshed at 60 Hz
    • Backlight dimming supported
    • Up to 5 point at a time touch detection for Rich GUI support
    • Gesture Detection
      • Pinch Zoom In/Out
      • Swipe Left/Right/Up/Down
  • HDMI Display Output - can mirror the display or run without the onboard display
    • Up to 1280x720 at 60 Hz is support
    • In special cases 1920x1080 is supported
      • Can do 1920x1080 at 30 Hz dynamic images
      • Can do 1920x1080 at 60 Hz static images
  • USB-C for power, battery charging, and connecting to the PC
    • Files on the 32 MB QUADSPI or microSD card can be accessed over USB
    • Appears as a 12 Mb/s Virtual COM port for command and control
  • Sparkfun qwiic connector for attaching external I2C devices
    • Can connect the board to Seeed Studio Grove Connector
    • Can connect the board to Adafruit Stemma Connector
  • 1S Lipo connector for battery support
    • Battery will be charged when USB-C is connected
  • 10 GPIO Pins with special function support for:
    • 1 DAC/ADC Pin (3.3V)
    • 2 Async Serial RX/TX Ports (up to 7.5 Mb/s)
    • 1 CAN Bus (up to 1 Mb/s)
    • 1 SPI Bus (up to 80 Mb/s)
    • 1 I2C Bus (up to 1 Mb/s)
    • 2 Servo Channels
    • PWM on every GPIO Pin
    • Interrupts (rising/falling) on every GPIO Pin
  • Standard ARM SWD-JTAG Connector


Gearing Up for Hot Gear Summer with the PureThermal OpenMV

The OpenMV PureThermal Board - Hackster Spotlight

OpenMV PureThermal STM32H7 board overlays thermal map on RGB image


Thermal Overlay in operation

PureThermal OpenMV in action

The back of the PureThermal OpenMV

The front of the PureThermal OpenMV

The PureThermal OpenMV in a case (not available yet)

PureThermal OpenMV case

More Information

The PureThermal OpenMV will be supported like a normal OpenMV Cam by OpenMV and will receive firmware updated regularly as the feature set of the OpenMV software library expands. Please see the OpenMV documentation for more information on exactly what the product can do and visit the OpenMV forums or email if you have any questions about the software functionality. For any other questions, please contact GroupGets support ( or leave a question in the campaign discussion.




PureThermal OpenMV dimensions


  • Due to the chip shortage units will not feature the WINC1500 onboard as it cannot be purchased at this time. However, you can easily solder a module onboard the system by hand if you already have one or if you buy it later.
  • The FLIR Lepton is sold separately. The PureThermal OpenMV is completely functional without a FLIR Lepton except that you will not be able to get a thermal image without it.

Why GroupGets?

Get the latest GroupGets product for FLIR Lepton

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One PureThermal OpenMV

Unit Price


Campaign Part #



Campaign active, ends when minimum unit count reached

Factory Lead Time

70 Days

Options and Add-Ons

FLIR Lepton 3.5


Lepton 3.5

Important Information

  • All international customers that are ordering any Thermal Imaging Camera will be required to fill out an End Use Statement document before shipment. Once you place your order we will email you with the document within one business day.
  • Important information for customers in Russia. Due to recent US regulations we are no longer able to ship FLIR thermal camera cores to these countries/territories. Any orders containing these products from these countries will be canceled and refunded. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • We can only ship this product with a Lepton to North America, Australia, United Kingdom, and the European Union Countries. Any orders for this product with a Lepton placed in a country other than those will be canceled and refunded. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Campaign discussion forums are intended for questions about the product such as specifications or to share ideas about applications. The campaign initiator or GroupGets may also send out important one-to-many updates on this channel. This is not the place for individual technical support inquiries. For help or questions about an order, please log a ticket here: Support

  • Lamzn9xm normal

    I have just created the GroupGet for PureThermal OpenMV!

  • Aatxajy bhptuo0bz szvfxb8mquk9nibjtybjtyru2p=s96 c
    Andrew Pratt

    I would like to know if this board will be available without the flir module pre-installed?

  • Avatar

    @Andrew Pratt This board will not include the FLIR Lepton by default.

  • Lamzn9xm normal

    We have extended this campaign by two months while we work on bringing bigger OEMs to help fund the campaign

  • Aatxajzsj4b t9uc3rtsct3t9cj4b8fweh55etqra5wa=s96 c
    Nicolas Seller

    I've just backed this project. What happens if unfortunately the target is not reached?

  • Avatar

    Hey Nicolas - thanks for backing! The truth is that this one is too big to fail for us. We put a ton of effort into engineering it with OpenMV. After it hits about 80% we're going to back the rest and then commit to a very expensive production run. SparkFun also helped by backing 50 units which was great of them.

  • Avatar

    ...but to answer your question more generically. If a campaign fails (which this one won't), we simply close it, notify you, and that's it. We don't charge anyone up front, ever, so that's really all there is to it if a campaign were to fail. GroupGets is a very low-risk proposition.

  • Avatar

    Are there any updates on this project, now that we’ve reached Aug 26?

  • Avatar

    @timhalen, We decided to lower the goal to 80% of the original 200 and keep the campaign open for a bit longer to try to get a few more backers on board. We have already begun the process of acquiring parts.

  • Avatar

    Everybody backing this, needs to get it up on their social feeds to get the word out and push it over the target! Just posted on mine. No affiliation, just want the project to go through so I can get hold of one!

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