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Single-unit price: $179.99 + shipping

Not available / campaign end date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 13:00:00 PST

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Good Stuff Department

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Product Description

The ButterStick is an FPGA development board. Building off the OrangeCrab, the Butterstick's primary focus is exposing lots of fast I/O pins. To achieve this goal it makes use of the SYZYGY peripheral connector standard. The board features High-speed USB and Gigabit Ethernet for high-speed input/output to a computer. Additionally there is up to 1 GB of onboard DDR3 memory.

The development board makes use of the ECP5 FPGA from Lattice which is fully compatible with the open-source FPGA synthesis flow.

Features at a glance

  • Compact Size
  • High speed USB (480Mbit/s)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • DDR3 Memory (upto 8Gbits)
  • SYZYGY compatible
  • up to 82 I/O pins
  • 5Gbps SERDES (upto 4x tx/rx lanes)

ButterStick PCB

Hardware Overview

  • Lattice ECP5  85F FPGA in BGA381 package
  • 2Gbit/8Gbit DDR3L Memory (dual rank)
  • USB-C USB2.0 connection
    • High-speed (480Mbit) ULPI PHY
  • Non-volatile Storage
    • 128Mbit QSPI FLASH Memory
    • MicroSD socket
      • 4bit SD interface (CK, CMD, DAT0-3)
  • Power supply
    • USB-C 5V input.
    • Aux 5V power input.
  • Onboard oscillators
    • 60Mhz
    • 25MHz (RGMII PHY)
  • Convenient 0.1" JTAG connector
  • User I/O
    • 2x Button
    • 7x RGB LED
    • SYZYGY A,B (Standard)
      • Adjustable VCCIO 1.2V-3.3V
      • upto 32 single ended I/O
      • 10 differential pairs
      • Dedicated clock input pins
    • SYZYGY C (Transceiver)
      • Adjustable VCCIO 1.2V-3.3V
      • upto 14 single ended I/O
      • 2x / 4x Lanes TX (5Gbps)
      • 2x / 4x Lanes RX (5Gbps)
      • 1x Reference clock input
  • Board dimensions
    • Dimensions: 80mm x 49mm
ButterStick-r1.0-8G-85F | 
LFE5UM5G-85F-8BG381C |
2x MT41K256M16TW-107 |

Back of ButterStick

Size Comparision


Why GroupGets?

The groupbuy will facilitate the funds required to make a production batch of these boards.

External Links

Manufacturer product page

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One Butterstick FPGA

Unit Price


Campaign Part #



Not available / campaign funded, end date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 13:00:00 PST

Factory Lead Time

140 Days

Options and Add-Ons

32GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Card


SYZYGY Breakout Board


SYZYGY Breakout

Basic breakout/prototype board

Design subject to change

Campaign discussion forums are intended for questions about the product such as specifications or to share ideas about applications. The campaign initiator or GroupGets may also send out important one-to-many updates on this channel. This is not the place for individual technical support inquiries. For help or questions about an order, please log a ticket here: Support

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    I have just created the GroupGet for ButterStick!

  • Avatar

    Greg, this is an awesome price for such a feature laden board, thank you for keeping it affordable.

  • Avatar

    Launching this groupbuy right before Christmas might have meant it flew over some peoples radar.
    To give more time for people to get in and to help improve the success of the campaign we have decided to move the campaign end date out by 2 weeks.
    Thanks for your support! <3

  • Photo
    Matt Nottingham

    Also running at the same time as Glasgow might nt have been ideal either.

  • Avatar

    Thanks Greg, there are also a bunch of more affordable international shipping options that have kindly been added since the campaign began.

  • Avatar

    Greg, I think showing (again) some of the things you have brought up on your boards much help stir interest, especially something that shows of the memory. SSH'ing into the board might be impressive.

  • Avatar

    All, we have some good news and really good news if you backed the lower cost 25F version. There were so few orders for the 25F that it didn't make sense to even build it. That type of market intelligence is one of the strengths of a GroupGet campaign - you get to see what is working or not really quickly. What we have done in response is removed it as an option. If you were one of the few who backed it, you will get the 85F at no extra charge so congrats to you. As a result of this move, we have also been able to lower the minimum buy so now we're close to funding and we have no doubt that we will hit over 100% by Jan 28.

    And well said above Tommy! Greg is very busy but I know that he has plans to do that.

  • Avatar

    Some exciting news! As many of you are aware, 2020/2021 has seen some pretty significant chip shortages and supply chain issues. But we've got all but one part needed to push the ButterStick boards through the PnP line and get assembled boards out the other side.

    The part in question is a somewhat exotic power MUX IC. The TPS2121. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to available anytime soon, ETA on our back order back in Feb have slipped a couple of times. So we've decided to remove the IC from the design. Which means we can start production next week, but also means you can only power the board over USB or Externally. But not both at the same time now.

    I feel like this is a reasonable compromise in order to get boards out into peoples hands this year.

    You can see the technical details of the change here:

  • Avatar

    Sounds like a good compromise, but just to be clear, can you still be plugged into USB while on external power? Or does it mean that you must disconnect external power before connecting USB?

    Post last edited: 24 days ago

  • Avatar

    Looks good, thanks Greg!

    If an 0402 would fit (or wire if not), it might be good to add details to the ECN to show removing the supplied 0R 0603 and connecting one of the inputs only(?) ... with details of which trace is USB-C, and which is J7.

    Post last edited: 24 days ago

  • Avatar

    Tommy: It's recommended to remove external power if connecting USB. This is due to the backfeeding current from 'ext 5V' back into a USB port. Or you could use a USB cable with the +5V line removed.)

    Attie: Yep, you can totally remove the 0603 and then bridge either external or USB power across.

    Another option: once the chips are available (~mid 2022) I'd be happy to rework chips any of the groupbuy boards. You'd just need to cover shipping.

  • Avatar

    @David, This means we will be shipping quite soon. Manufacturing is beginning now, so we will have these shipped out before the end of September.

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