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This campaign has closed but has been relisted. You can view the new listing here: FLIR Lepton PocketCam With Lepton and GUI (round 3).
FLIR Lepton PocketCam With Lepton and GUI (Round 1)

FLIR Lepton PocketCam With Lepton and GUI (Round 1)

Single-unit price: $399.00 free shipping

Not available / campaign end date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 23:59:00 PDT

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FLIR Lepton PocketCam With Lepton and GUI (Round 1)

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Product Description

This group buy is for a FLIR-designed OEM-style PocketCam for the 50° FLIR Lepton thermal imaging camera core which is included and it is exclusively available here at this time.

It has a variety of features to exercise the Lepton, display and store images, and comes in a compact form-factor. The kit includes a 4GB microSD Card, micro USB cable, and 50° shutterless Lepton.

Below is a link to our demonstration video for the PocketCam and GUI software.

Lepton video image and link.

If you prefer to read about it, click here for our short how-to article for the GUI.

The FLIR Lepton is 9x9mm in size making it the most compact LWIR camera core available. It has a resolution of 80x60 pixels.

Thermal image.

Lepton FOV comparison image.
25° Lepton compared to 50° Lepton. ^


  • If we don't hit 5 orders by the expiration date, then we will extend it.
  • If you prefer to utilize a different shipping service and are willing to pay extra for it, please let us know and we can accommodate that (We use USPS Priority).


Documents & Downloads


  • We have shipped well over 1,000 Leptons worldwide. Thanks to every backer!
  • We would love to hear about what you are up to with your Lepton for our blog so feel free to reach out if interested.
  • If you are a forward-thinking producer or distributor of innovative products looking to nurture and leverage GroupGets' talented community of open-source developers and micro-buyers, contact us.

Why GroupGets?

This is the only way to get this FLIR PocketCam. This compact and portable eval kit is a custom FLIR-designed plug-and-play platform to quickly see what the Lepton thermal imaging camera core can do. It has a rechargeable USB battery and an LCD screen to view Lepton images.

External Links

Manufacturer product page

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One FLIR PocketCam with 50° shutterless Lepton thermal imager

Unit Price


Campaign Part #



Not available / campaign funded, end date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 23:59:00 PDT

Factory Lead Time

No lead-time after campaign closes. Free shipping within the USA. Add $45 USD for international shipping. Days

  • 9zi7mnmg normal

    I have just created the GroupGet for FLIR Lepton PocketCam With Lepton and GUI (Round 1)!

    Post last edited: over 5 years ago

  • Avatar

    I plan to use the photos to generate a ortomosaico, but wish it had video output to be able to make inspection in networks of electric transmissions with UAV. The buyer would be possible to install a video output?

  • Avatar

    Is it possible to change the FLIR splash screen to something custom, or to remove it? I see the PureEngineering site has a link to an SDK but I don't know enough to tell whether that implies the splash screen can be modified (or if there is some agreement not to with FLIR)

  • Avatar

    That's a good question but it is a closed evaluation kit so without a complete reverse engineering of the board I don't think so. What I can say is that the MCU is PIC and it is not fuse-locked so with some time you could pull it off. We were hoping to see folks rally to do this and maybe it is only a matter of time but we're not aware of it happening yet.

  • Avatar

    Any idea which carrier will be used for shipping within the U.S.? And will signature be required at delivery?

  • Avatar

    We use USPS Priority domestically and signature is not required for delivery.

  • Avatar

    Question answered. I just got the tracking number. Thank-you.

    Post last edited: over 5 years ago

  • Avatar

    No worries. We get that people are excited to get their orders :)

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