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ScaleMatrix R-1000 Series Enclosures

ScaleMatrix R-1000 Series Enclosures

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Product Details


ScaleMatrix R-1000 Series Enclosures

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Product Description

The R-1000 Series is a ruggedized line of enclosures specifically designed to meet the challenges of Edge computing and extending the traditional data center beyond its four walls.


These sturdy rack level enclosures provide the perfect platform for businesses and government agencies that require a quick and cost-effective turnkey data center alternative. The patented closed-loop cooling and shock and vibration isolation ensure these units run efficiently and protect your valuable infrastructure in the harshest of environments.


The R 1000 Series of enclosures are designed to deliver high-performance computing in remote and nonstandard locations throughout the world.


US48 Only



Density Capability

  • 293W-1.75kW

Rack Units

  • 12U

Measurements (HxWxD)

  • 32.5 X 25.5 X 55 (in)
  • 82.5 x 65 x 140 (cm)

Max Equipment Depth

  • 32 (in) 81.3 (in)

Unit Weight

  • 310 (lbs) 141 (kg)

NEMA Rating

  • NEMA4 (4x option)


  • Automated Cooling/HVAC Control

Fire Suppression/Risk Management

  • Integrated, Inert Gas Based

Cooling System

  • Dx Air Conditioning

Air Flow

  • 175-350 CFM
  • (297-594 m3/h)

Security Options

  • Locks/Biometrics/2FA


US48 Only

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One R-1012 Ruggedized Enclosure

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14 Days

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