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GetLab - The Product Development Division of GroupGets

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After many years of use, our favorite programming adapter the tag connect TC-2030-CTX-NL finally failed. Discouraged by high prices we wanted to see if we can make a lower cost version for DIY and really anyone. 

This Group Buy is an attempt to allow more people to incorporate a zero cost pcb footprint to their designs to allow programming. The more people using the same programming connector on DIY and open source projects the better. Furthermore reducing the costs of hardware helps everyone. 

This connector supports adapting to 3 different programming methods. And really with 100 mil headers any custom pinout as well. 

  1. Standard 10 pin ARM-cortex
  2. STM SWD 6 pin programming header
  3. Microchip 5 pin programming header

This DIY PureConnect Kit includes the following items

  • 2 x PureConnect PCB's
  • 10-pin ARM-Cortex connector
  • 2 x 6 pin 100 mil headers
  • 10 x Pogo Pins. (9 used one spare) 



*For Those interested in higher quality and fully supported programming adapters we recommend you to check out the TC2030-CTX-NL

Why GroupGets?

To reduce the cost of a Programming adapter

External Links

Manufacturer product page

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One Kit to assemble a PureConnect programming adaptor

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Not available / campaign funded, end date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 11:04:00 PDT

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30 Days

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    Sashi Ono

    I have just created the GroupGet for PureConnect! Please let us know if you want an assembled version, if there is enough interest we will look into assembly options.

    Post last edited: 7 months ago

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    Piotr Esden-Tempski

    Hey! I just received the PureConnect. I think you might have included the wrong pitch of the pin headers for the sides. They are all 0.05inch pitch instead of 0.1inch pitch. I ordered multiple kits and all of them have the wrong connectors it seems. The 10 pin header is the correct pitch.

    Post last edited: 3 months ago

  • Avatar

    Bummer! We'll chime in on Monday with a plan. We'll mostly likely ship the right pitch to everyone. Thanks for calling that out.

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