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Battery Energy Estimator

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Product Details


Battery Energy Estimator

Brand / Manufacturer

Better Embedded Engineering

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BEE 300

Product Description

The Battery Energy Estimator 300 (BEE 300) is a battery life estimation meter which is a key tool for every IoT engineering team. When developing a battery powered device it is necessary to measure the current consumption in order to estimate the battery life - the BEE 300 is the ideal low-cost tool to accomplish this.  It provides clean power to the device under test and continually monitors the current consumption.  Additionally, it incorporates a microprocessor that rapidly takes samples of the current signal and accumulates these values that represent the energy drained from batteries along with the elapsed time. With this data, the BEE 300 system then calculates the estimated life the device can operate on the defined batteries. The BEE 300’s ease of use will have you up and running in just minutes! 

Why GroupGets?

As with all electronic products, manufacturing costs are driven down as the quantity of products ordered increases. We are also looking to get the word out to the electronics development community about this wonderful product.

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1 Battery Energy Estimator 300 meter, 1 USB Cable, 1 Set of Banana to Clip Test Leads (1 Red, 1 Black)

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60 Days

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