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This campaign has closed but has been relisted. You can view the new listing here: FLIR Lepton PocketCam With GUI (Round 4).
FLIR Lepton Demo Camera (Round 2)

FLIR Lepton Demo Camera (Round 2)

Single-unit price: $150.00 free shipping

Not available / campaign end date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 23:59:00 PST

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FLIR Lepton Demo Camera (Round 2)

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Product Description

This is a FLIR-designed OEM-style portable demo camera for the FLIR Lepton thermal imaging camera core (Lepton not included) and it is exclusively only available here at this time. It has a variety of features to exercise the Lepton, display and store images, and comes in a compact form-factor.

SDK now available!

Includes 4GB microSD Card and micro USB cable. Lepton NOT included.

FLIR is making it available to us to aid you in your Lepton application development. It stores images to a removable microSD card that can be accessed over micro USB.

We do not have schematics or firmware for this part (YET) but we do think that with a little work that it could be integrated into other systems if desired. We'll leave that up to you. Stay tuned to the Pure Engineering portal and Lepton Google Group for progress on this - Pure is already planning to make a demo video of it in action soon:

Demo Camera User Guide:

Please join our current Lepton Round 6 or Lepton Shuttered Round 1 on GroupGets if you need a Lepton camera core

Why GroupGets?

This is the only way to get this demo camera, and FLIR will not produce them unless we hit a MOQ of 25. This compact and portable eval kit is a custom FLIR-designed plug-and-play platform to quickly see what the Lepton thermal imaging camera core can do. It has a rechargeable USB battery and an LCD screen to view Lepton images.

External Links

Manufacturer product page

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One FLIR demo camera for Lepton

Unit Price


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Not available / campaign funded, end date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 23:59:00 PST

Factory Lead Time

2-3 weeks after MOQ is reached and a successful charge. Free shipping within the USA. Add $45 USD for international shipping. Days

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    I have just created the GroupGet for FLIR Lepton Demo Camera (Round 2)!

    Post last edited: over 5 years ago

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    What's the difference about "Batch 2"?
    Could we buy 2 FLIR Lepton and ship them to Taiwan?
    what's the total cost including shipping?

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    Hi Dienwei, Batch 2 just means that this is our second GroupGet for the part. We already shipped 25 "Batch 1" units. On the campaign details we state that we charge an extra $50 for international shipping. So two cameras and shipping to Taiwan would be $350 USD.

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