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HKCam Advanced

HKCam Advanced

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Product Details


HKCam Advanced

Product Description

HKCam is an open-source implementation of an HomeKit IP camera developed by Matt Hochgatterer. It uses ffmpeg to access the camera stream and publishes the stream to HomeKit using hc. The camera stream can be viewed in a HomeKit app such as Matt Hochgatterer's very own Home 3 iOS app. The HKCam Advanced includes a wide angle night vision camera that we added in addition to an updated case. We reached out to Matt H to encourage him to list the original HKCam on GroupGets but he was too busy so we added a little update via the wider angle camera (for our own use) and decided to list it here. Big thanks to MH for enabling people to have remote security monitoring without costly monthly subscriptions.




Why GroupGets?

Get everything you need for your own HomeKit compatible security camera.

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

1 x Raspberry Pi Zero WH, 1 x 130° Night Vision Camera, 1 x 2.5a USB Power Supply, 1 x 64gb SanDisk Micro SD Card preloaded with hkcam software

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Factory Lead Time

14 Days

Options and Add-Ons

Custom Case


Get a fitted adjustable custom case for your hkcam kit.

Micro-USB to USB-A (can connect a keyboard etc)


Plug any regular USB-A device into your RPI-0

Mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter


Don't have that obscure mini hdmi cable, get this adapter to easily convert the PIZero's plug to a normal one

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We are proud to support HKCam Advanced in reaching its goal. Once the target has been reached the product will be distributed to all backers. Don't miss out on becoming a backer!

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