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Elektor Pinball Clock Board

Elektor Pinball Clock Board

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Elektor Pinball Clock Board

Brand / Manufacturer

Elektor Labs

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Product Description

Construct your own pinball clock!

With the Elektor Pinball Clock Board and this how-to article from ElektorLabs magazine, you can start building your own pinball clock in no time. The article includes step-by-step instructions for building a clock around the Elektor Pinball Clock Board, as well as details about the additional parts you’ll need. After completing this fun project, you’ll have a truly unique pinball clock for your desk or workbench!

The Elektor Labs pinball clock is a sophisticated and anachronistic clock design. It displays time on score-counting reels as can be salvaged from old pinball machines. Time is displayed in either 12 or 24 hours format, date is shown every 30 minutes (either in European or US format).

A pinball chime can be connected for an even better (and louder) experience. Alternatively, a single pinball machine bell can be used.

An ESP8266 Wi-Fi module connects the clock to the internet for time and date synchronization. A battery-backed DS3231 (a real "expensive" one from Maxim, not a cheap Chinese fake) Real Time Clock (RTC) IC keeps track of the time with 5 ppm accuracy, even with the power switched off.

All settings of the clock can be accessed and adjusted over Wi-Fi (smartphone, tablet or PC), but manual setting is possible too.

A pinball App, playable on a smartphone or in a browser, that uses the pinball clock for score keeping and sound effects provides for even more fun and pleasure.

Because score-counting reels are rather noisy, an interval can be defined during which the clock will be silenced; the score reels and chimes will not be active then. Alternatively, the display can be switched on and off manually.

The board can drive up to four reels and has three outputs for 3-tone chimes or separate bells from either Gottlieb, Williams, Bally or Zaccaria. Drive voltage on every output is 30 V, which is enough to drive almost any pinball solenoid.

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Niche item, we will only produce it when enough people are interested.

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Manufacturer product page

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One piece of Elektor 180305-91 partly assembled pinball clock mainboard, SMT parts mounted, THT parts not mounted. Not included are suitable power supply (2x 12V 30VA mains transformer), scoring reels and chimes.

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Eight weeks Days

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GroupGets will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

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