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The Meaty-3+ is a micro USB connected Basic Breakout for the FTDI FT231XS USB to serial IC. It's a "springboard" from the Sparkfun "Beefy-3" USB-Serial board with some additional capabilities.

The Meaty-3+ brings more power output, using a Torex Semiconductor 1 Amp XC6220B331MR-G linear 3.3V regulator. That's a whopping 66% power output increase (up to your USB power supply current limit - of course)! It also features on-board selectable CTS input or RTS output using a solder jumper.

This board will auto-reset any Arduino board that has the (DTR) reset pin brought out to a 6-pin connector - AND can be configured for auto-resetting boards that use the RTS signal, as well as auto-reset/auto-program ESP-8266 & EPS-32 based boards that use the NodeMCU style DTR/RTS transistor crossover reset circuit. In other words, you have flexibility!

By using this pluggable serial adapter, it simplifies your application board when the power and cost expense of USB serial connectivity isn't always needed.

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This campaign is being launched for market viability outreach and to have a bit of fun "hot-rodding" one of our favorite commercial products.

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    The Meaty-3+ design has just been released "into the wild". By supporting the campaign you will also encourage the release of many other Project Struix designs that we have in the works.

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