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Pixhawk 4 Mini QAV250 Complete Kit

Pixhawk 4 Mini QAV250 Complete Kit

Single-unit price: $255.20 + shipping

Campaign scheduled end date: Wed, 02 Jan 2019 10:03:00 PST

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Product Details


Pixhawk 4 Mini QAV250 Complete Kit

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QAV250 Kits (Complete)

Product Description

This Pixhawk 4 Mini QAV250 Complete Kit is the perfect way to get started developing on Pixhawk 4 Mini. It pairs a carbon fiber 250 racing frame and essential electronics with a Pixhawk 4 Mini autopilot. The Complete Kit includes a FPV camera and receiver. The kit is easy to assemble. No soldering needed.

Complete Kit Teardown

Kit Contents

  • Pixhawk 4 Mini autopilot
  • Carbon fiber 250 airframe with hardware
  • Motors - DR2205 KV2300
  • 5” Plastic Props
  • Pixhawk4 GPS
  • Fully assembled Power Management Board with ESCs
  • 433MHz Telemetry Radio
  • 433MHz Micro Telemetry Radio
  • 5.8G FPV Video Transmitter
  • Micro mini OSD
  • 600TVL FPV CCD Camera
  • Power and Micro Radio Cables
  • Battery Straps

Note: No LiPo battery included.

Complete Kit

Pixhawk 4 Mini

The Pixhawk® 4 Mini autopilot is designed for engineers and hobbyists who are looking to tap into the power of Pixhawk 4 but are working with smaller drones. Pixhawk 4 Mini takes the FMU processor and memory resources from the Pixhawk 4 while eliminating interfaces that are normally unused. This allows the Pixhawk 4 Mini to be small enough to fit in a 250mm racer drone.

If you already have a drone you can purchase the Pixhawk 4 Mini separately here.

Pixhawk 4 Mini Docs

Why GroupGets?

To provide a volume discount which is 23% off MRSP.

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Manufacturer product page

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Unit Deliverable

Pixhawk 4 Mini, carbon fiber airframe, motors, props, essential electronics, FPV camera equipment

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Campaign funded, scheduled end date: Wed, 02 Jan 2019 10:03:00 PST

Factory Lead Time

2 weeks Days

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