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Delfast Prime Plus Tactical E-Bike

Single-unit price: $4,999.00 40% off + $250.00 flat rate shipping

Not available / campaign end date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 16:00:00 PST

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Product Details


Delfast Prime Plus Tactical E-Bike

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Product Description

Get 236 miles of range in style on this all-electric two wheeled stunner with pedal assist! The Delfast Prime Tactical Edition is an exclusive build of the popular Prime exclusive to GroupGets. We backed one on KickStarter to evaluate and can safely tell you that this bike is will pack some serious action into your commute. It's technically an electric bike so you can rock the bike lanes and won't need a license plate for it. It's big fun for all ages and sizes packed into a compact and stunning form-factor. Please note that we will only ship within the continuous United States and the shipping cost to backers is not included in the advertised price. If the actual shipping cost to your address is less than $250, we will refund the difference. If it's more, then we'll cover it!

Delfast Prime Plus Tactical Edition


The Delfast Prime Plus Tactical Edition features front turn signals and automatic brake lights to help keep you visible on the road or in city traffic.

A powerful headlight ensures safety of movement together with navigation lights. In the dark, Delfast is ready to help you continue your journey.

Delfast Prime Headlight Gif

Smart Security

We put convenience and safety at the heart of everything. This will allow you to experience all the advantages of a modern electric bike.

Delfast Prime Security Gif

Pedal assist or full electric mode

Delfast electric bikes support several power modes, including a system that allows you to feel assistance when you push the pedals. The presence of several modes also allows you to feel all the power of the motor on the racing track and comply with the requirements of legislation in different countries.

Delfast Rear Wheel


The e-bike's computer displays charge level and other useful information. It does not fade in the sun, and is visible in all weather conditions.

Delfast Computer

Exclusive Delfast Prime Plus Tactical Edition E-Bike Highlights

  • 236 mile / 380 km range
  • 64 Ah battery
  • 34 mph / 50 km/h top speed
  • 95 lbs / 43 kg weight
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • GPS
  • Fast Charger
  • Custom Battle Ship Splinter paint
  • Rear Rack

Technical specifications

Delfast Prime Size

  • Height: 51.2" / 130 cm
  • Width:9.5" / 75 cm
  • Length: 74.8" / 190 cm

  • Frame: Ukraine

  • Fork: Zoom 680DH black

  • Suspension: DNM mm 220 LAR

  • Batteries: 48V 64Ah 13S12Р Boston Swing (USA) + bluetooth smart BMS

  • Charger: Lipo 54, 6V 12A + waterproof gold plated connector LLT Fast Charger

  • Controller: 48V/32A with recuperation and 4 modes PAS / 25kph 250W / 32kph / unlim

  • Shifter: Shimano 7 speeds black + RD Shimano Turney 7 speeds

  • Motor: GTS1000 6T 205/30

  • Tires: Urban 24'' x 3

  • Lights: Front Enduro HGM LED 20W USB + rear Enduro Tail combo

  • Signaling:

    • Bluetooth
    • Keychain
    • Start/Stop button
    • Remote launch
    • Alarm
    • Motor blocking
    • GPS


Delfast Carbon

Why GroupGets?

Get this exclusive 40% off discount and custom paint only here on

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One Delfast Prime Plus Tactical E-Bike

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90 days Days

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