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Elektor Uno R4


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Elektor Uno R4
Elektor Labs
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Product Description

This board is an evolution of the Arduino Uno R3 board. Identical form factor as the Uno but based on the ATmega328PB-AU (note the 'B'!), this board has much more features than the Uno. Because it is backwards compatible you can think of it as revision 4 of the Uno, which is why we called it the R4.

The circuit of the R4 is pretty close to the Uno. One of the main differences is the USB-to-serial converter for which an FTDI chip is used instead of another AVR. This saves on firmware/driver maintenance & device programming. The power supply is a bit stronger than on the Uno and of course four extra connector pins have been provided to accomodate Port E of the ATmega328PB.

Uno R4 Three Quarter

Elektor Uno R4 specifications

  • 2x USART (1 on the Uno R3)
  • 2x SPI (1 on the Uno R3)
  • 2x I2C (1 on the Uno R3)
  • 24x GPIO (20 on the Uno R3)
  • 8x Analog inputs (6 on the Uno R3)
  • 9x PWM (6 on the Uno R3)
  • 9x Timer (6 on the Uno R3)
  • 1x OCM (does not exist on the Uno R3)

Uno R4 Top

There are some more differences, like the touch controller. Please check the datasheet of the ATmega328PB for the exact details.

For more information about the Elektor Uno R4, read its page at Elektor Labs.

Why GroupGet?

We have produced this board in the past but now that it is sold out we are hesitating to do another batch. If there are enough people interested we will launch a new batch.

Purchase Information

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1x Elektor Uno R4 (PCB revision 150790-1 v1.3), world-wide shipping included
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Not available / campaign unsuccessful, end date: Sun, 30 Sep 2018 00:18:00 -0700
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Eight weeks

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The seller will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

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