FLIR Lepton 2.0 - Removed Shutter

FLIR Lepton 2.0 - Removed Shutter


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FLIR Lepton 2.0 - Removed Shutter
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Product Description

The FLIR Lepton 2.0 camera core is a long-wave infrared (LWIR) thermal imaging breakthrough in size, power consumption, and price. The cores in this group buy pack a resolution of 80x60 pixels into a 8.5 x 11.7 x 5.6 mm package that draws only 150 mW nominally. The frame rate is 9 Hz at a spectral response wavelength range of 8 - 14 microns (nominal).

The Lepton in this group buy are unused but have had the shutters removed by a 3rd party UK-based R&D company that needed to transfer them to another device. Please note that these are being sold as-is, with no returns or warranty but they have been tested however. If the scene for your application is dynamic then you don't need a shutter. If your scene is not dynamic, then you will want a shutter and this is not the Lepton for you unless you have a shutter to put on it. If you are not sure, then these are not the cores that you are looking for.

Lepton 2.0 is the same thermal imager inside of the first generation FLIR One and the CAT S60 Rugged Smartphone.

Thermal Accordion

Important Information

  • All international customers that are ordering any Thermal Imaging Camera will be required to fill out an End Use Statement document before shipment. We will send you the document that we need to have filled out before shipment.
  • Important information for customers in Russia. Due to recent US regulations we are no longer able to ship FLIR thermal camera cores to these countries/territories. Any orders containing these products from these countries will be canceled and refunded. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Lepton 2.X Image Scaled 8 times

Why GroupGet?

Get brand new FLIR Lepton 2.0's with remove shutters at the lowest price by joining this group buy.

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One FLIR Lepton 2.0 with no Shutter (SKU 500-0659-01)
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One Week Days

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GroupGets will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

Options and Add-Ons

FLIR Lepton Breakout Board


This is the fourth version of the first breakout board for the FLIR Lepton LWIR thermal imaging camera core that lets you plug in all Lepton types into your favorite single-board computing platform like Raspberry Pi, Pine64, Intel Edison, and more.

More detailed information about this product is available here.

Lepton Breakout Board Image

PureThermal 2


Need an extra PureThermal 2? If so you can get one or more by adding this accessory to your order. Each board will include a Micro USB Cable

PureThermal 2

How it works

This is a group buy campaign that needs to acquire at least the stated minimum amount of pledges from backers like you before the Unit Deliverable and any Add-Ons ship. We do not charge anyone until the Progress above hits 100% or greater, otherwise there is no charge. All campaign products are vetted as existing and functional so your order will be fulfilled within the Factory Lead Time if the campaign succeeds. Please see our FAQ page for more details on our billing process.

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