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C12880MA MEMS u-Spectrometer (Round 21)

C12880MA MEMS u-Spectrometer (Round 21)

Single-unit price: $219.00 + shipping

Campaign scheduled end date: Sun, 22 Jul 2018 15:07:00 PDT

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Product Details


C12880MA MEMS u-Spectrometer (Round 21)

Brand / Manufacturer

GroupGets, Hamamatsu

Manufacturer Part #

BO-HAMA-2, C12880MA

Product Description

The Hamamatsu C12880MA is a high quality MEMS micro-spectrometer head with a CMOS image sensor that is used to detect wavelengths of light and their intensities. It has a spectral response range from visible to near infrared (340-850 nm) and a maximum resolution of 15 nm. The C12880MA is an upgrade of the popular C12666MA which has done 11 GroupGet rounds. The C12880MA has more pixels (288 vs 255) and a greater near-IR response range than the C12666MA so we recommend this sensor for future designs and experimentation. Please note that the breakout board for the C12666MA will not work with the new pinout of this C12880MA so we made an updated breakout (below) that is functionally equivalent.

hama video


Get more information on the C12880MA Product Page.

Why GroupGets?

The C12666MA and C12880MA have collectively done over 30 GroupGet rounds making it one of the most popular items on the site due to its high quality and market scarcity. Get the best price on a single quantity unit here at GroupGets.

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One Hamamatsu C12880MA MEMS u-Spectrometer

Unit Price


Campaign Part #



Campaign funded, scheduled end date: Sun, 22 Jul 2018 15:07:00 PDT

Factory Lead Time

6 weeks Days

Shipping Details

GroupGets will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

Options and Add-Ons

Hamamatsu C12880MA Breakout Board


This board is a refresh of our popular C12666MA breakout for the higher-resolution C12880MA and plugs directly into Arduino. Get more info at its product page.

Board Imaged


  • The Sony 3231 405nm Violet Blue 20mW Laser Diode has been removed from the board

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