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Product Description

Ping is an incredible small and versatile IoT / GPS locating device. The entire device is 42 x 42 x 12.5mm, IP68 waterproof, durable and designed for extensive battery life.

Unlike traditional GPS "trackers," Ping is designed as a locator. This means that the device the device remains in a low power connected state as long as possible, and only transmits its location upon request.

Furthermore, the device is a 2G / 3G cellular device and its antenna is unique in that it is optimized for GLOBAL use (we've even tested it on Mt. Everest!).

Ping is also Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to find it easily within your home or office.

From an IoT perspective, we are currently working on an open-source configuration platform that would allow anyone to configure the various settings and events within the device based on their own needs. Since Ping features a prominent central button and 8-color LED, it is essentially a global cellular button that can be configured to trigger or receive an infinite number of commands.

Lastly, as a GroupGet buyer we include ONE FREE YEAR of data service with your purchase. After the first year, it's only $36/yr for continued locating use. IoT data packages are currently being determined.

Why GroupGets?

We are organizing this group to introduce Ping to a more technical audience then the over 9,000 consumers who are already using the device for locating everything from motorcycles to luggage to their kids and dogs. Given our focus on open-source, we want to build up a community of "makers" who are looking for an all-in-one cellular IoT button solution.

External Links

Manufacturer product page

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One PingGPS device, USB charging code, charging clip and entire year of free data use

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Not available / campaign unsuccessful, end date: Fri, 08 Jun 2018 09:27:00 PDT

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4-6 weeks Days

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    Joshua Lippiner

    I have just created the GroupGet for Ping!

    Post last edited: over 3 years ago

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