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Capacitive Fingerprint Recognition Embedded Module

Capacitive Fingerprint Recognition Embedded Module


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30% Funded
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Product Details

Capacitive Fingerprint Recognition Embedded Module
Mfr. Part #
Product Description

FPM-WSA52 capacitive fingerprint recognition module is a standalone solution with capacitive fingerprint sensor, algorithm processor and on-board template storage. As a total solution, FPM-WSA52 can be used standalone or connected to a host CPU over USB and UART. It can be widely applied in various fields such as access control systems, locks and safes, medical equipment, security applications and time & attendance.


  • MCU : ARM Cortex M4 Core (ST STM32F401)
  • Resolution : 508 DPI
  • Sensing Area : 14 x 11mm
  • Sensor Type : Capacitance Type
  • Interface : USB 2.0, UART
  • Authentication : Verify (1:1) or Identify (1:N)
  • Hardness / Surface : Up to 8H / Cermet-like Coating
  • FAR / FRR : < 0.001% / < 1%
  • No. of Placements : > 2.5 million finger placements
  • Power input : 5VDC
  • Anti-ESD : HBM Air Discharging +/-15KV
  • Pixel matrix / Color : 192 x 192 pixels / 256 true gray scale values
  • Quantity of Stored Fingerprint : 200 pcs
  • Connector Type : 8 pin, 1mm pitch FPC connector; Micro USB connector
  • Environment : Operating Tem 20 ~ 60o C / < RH 90%
    • Storage Temp. -20 ~ 85 o C / < RH 90%
  • Module Dimension : 20.4 x 33.4 x 4.75mm (W x L x T)
  • Weight : 3.3 gram
Why GroupGet?

Digimore is a professional fingerprint module supplier. We can offer the best price for a single quantity unit here at GroupGets.

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1 x FPM-WSA52 Fingerprint Module, 1 x CD (Data Sheet, Demo Software)
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Three weeks Days

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GroupGets will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

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