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96Boards GPS Mezzanine

96Boards GPS Mezzanine


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Product Details

96Boards GPS Mezzanine
QWERTY Embedded Design, LLC
Product Description

The 96Boards GPS mezzanine (Designed by Michael Welling of QWERTY Embedded) is the first ever community inspired add-on board to hit GroupGets. Emerging from an open sourced and community driven initiative/repository called the 96Boards Community Mezzanine Initiative.

This campaign is for the latest revision of the GPS mezzanine which adds a few new features.

R1 3D image


  • 85mm x 54mm
  • Adafruit Ultimate GPS Module
    • PA6H_1103854 - 66 channel w/10 Hz updates
    • MTK3339 chipset
    • -165 dBm sensitivity
  • USB UART breakout
  • Fix LED
  • Fix and PPS signals brought to down baseboard
  • External u.FL antenna connector
  • Breakout headers for I2C, SPI, GPIO, and power lines
  • Small Prototyping area


GPS Mezzanine Schematic

About 96Boards

96Boards is a range of hardware specifications created by Linaro to make the latest ARM-based processors available to developers at a reasonable cost. The specifications are open and define a standard board layout for SoC-agnostic (processor independent) development platforms that can be used by software application, hardware device, kernel and other system software developers. Boards produced to the 96Boards specifications are suitable for rapid prototyping, hobbyist projects or incorporation into new systems for a wide range of applications including desktop and laptop computing, the digital home, digital signage, point of sale (POS), high-end audio, robotics and drones, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, IoT and industrial control.

Standardized expansion buses for peripheral I/O have led to a wide range of compatible add-on mezzanine boards that will work across a variety of 96Boards products. Users have access to a wide range of boards with different features at various price points. In addition, some SoC vendors have announced long term availability of the SoC to encourage their use in products with long life cycles.

For more information about 96boards visit:

96boards partner logo

About Community Mezzanine Initiative

This Initiative brings industry representatives and community members from around the world, together with a common goal of uniting hardware efforts for the 96Boards ecosystem. Hosted by 96Boards and maintained by Michael Welling of QWERTY Embedded, it aims to reduce the barrier to entry for those interested in hardware design. An active, public repository provides tested templates, volunteered council, and motivational incentives to work on the ideas petitioned and voted for by those who participate regularly in the initiative.

For more information on this the Mezzanine-Community Initiative, please visit:

Read the story behind the 96Boards GPS Mezzanine:

Why GroupGet?

To overcome high prices of the GPS units in low quantities while forging a relationship between Groupgets and the 96Boards Mezzanine community initiative.

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable
96boards GPS mezzanine
Unit Price
Campaign Part #
Not available / campaign unsuccessful, end date: Sat, 07 Jul 2018 15:12:00 -0700
Factory Lead Time

4 to 6 weeks

Shipping Details
GroupGets will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

Options and Add-Ons

CR2032 RTC Coin Cell Battery


Coin cell battery for GPS RTC and faster lock.

M2.5 Standoff Kit


M2.5 Standoffs, nuts, and screws for fastening the boards together.

GPS Antenna - External Active Antenna


GPS Antenna - External Active Antenna - 3-5V 28dB 5 Meter SMA.

SMA to uFL/u.FL/IPX/IPEX RF Adapter Cable


SMA to uFL/u.FL/IPX/IPEX RF Adapter Cable.

How it works

This is a group buy campaign that needs to acquire at least the stated minimum amount of pledges from backers like you before the Unit Deliverable and any Add-Ons ship. We do not charge anyone until the Progress above hits 100% or greater, otherwise there is no charge. All campaign products are vetted as existing and functional so your order will be fulfilled within the Factory Lead Time if the campaign succeeds. Please see our FAQ page for more details on our billing process.

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