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J-100 Smart Glasses EVK

J-100 Smart Glasses EVK


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J-100 Smart Glasses EVK
Jorjin Technologies Inc.
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Product Description

The Jorjin J-100 is a compact and lightweight smart eyewear device that provides a see-through monocular display with a battery-operated Android base unit. The high-quality image from the base unit floats in the air right in front of you. Get your J-100 to start developing Smart Glass Applications immediately.

Note: Kit does not come with the glasses frame shown in the picture. The unit can clip on to hats, helmets, and other glasses frames

Key Features:

  • Base unit runs Android 5.1 powered by a TI OMAP 4460 processor
  • 8 MP front-facing camera that supports 1080p streaming
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS
  • Hands-free app navigation by voice command (Developers need to integrate third-party voice control solutions)
  • Touchpad for app control
  • 3rd Generation Monocular design with see-through lens
  • 300 minutes of streaming video on a single battery charge
  • Rechargeable battery via micro-USB
  • Headphone output (2.5mm / 3.5mm jack)
  • Designed for comfort and long wearing experience
  • Compact and lightweight (only 22g)

Jorjin is a HW/SW solution provider located in Taipei Taiwan. We are experts in modular minimization, optics, video, RF modules and SIP modules. We are also proficient with plastics, metals and PCB design and manufacturing. With a focus on building innovative products, we are pleased to announce the world’s best Smart Glass system. We have been leading the industry in goggle tech since the beginning and now we have this wonderful product ready for you. There are two primary uses for the J-100. Firstly, the J-100 is a finished product, and you can use it as-is for your goggle needs. The J-100 can also be used as an app development platform for your own goggle apps.

The J-100 is packed with features such as a third generation monocular see-through display, a dual core TI OMAP 4460 processor running Android 5.1, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. It also has a front-facing 8 megapixel camera, microphone for voice commands, headset touchpad, and headphone jack makes this platform perfect for all your goggle needs. Whether you’re into interactive social media, remote medical services, or our favorite - field service; creating applications to enhance your business is simple and fast with the J-100.

The J-100 has our third generation optics engine. The contrast ratio, viewing angle and brightness are best in class. We are extremely proud of our excellent “wearability” and low eye strain viewing experience that we have created. We have also included an on-goggle touch pad to enable interactive apps. With its ergonomic headset design at only 22 grams, this headset is very wearable for long periods of time. And we support 300 mins of steaming video viewing.

For those who want to develop support apps, we offer a great SDK designed by one of our partners which Includes licenses and support for ten J-100 devices. “Remote Support” is a two-way instant communication application between a remote expert on a PC and one user wearing J-100. This application allows the remote expert to see the user’s perspective scene returned by J-100 camera just as if he was wearing the J-100 himself to provide instructions to the user. This enables hands-free support, training, and team interactions globally. Remote Support enables service technicians, engineers, educators, doctors, and construction professionals to provide workflow guidance instantly.

J-100 SDK Features:

  • You can use Android Standard API for driving J-100’s Camera, Sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi function.
  • And we also provide 3rd party solution to help you driving the touch pad

Ergonomic Design & Perfect EVK for Pro Makers and App Developers

J-100 can be a development platform for Goggle App developers. With its Android 5.1 operating system, App developers will be creating various functions and software using J-100 without any limitations. Think of the possibilities!

  • Display the content you want to augment the reality the wearer is seeing.
  • Stream content back to someone else or record what you are seeing.
  • Capture content with the 8M pixel camera and modify what you are seeing on the display.
  • Build rich applications driven from voice interaction or using the on-goggle touch panel.
  • Create applications which enable one expert to manage what many people are doing in various locations.
  • Present complex step by step repair or replacement instructions to technicians.
  • Let a doctor with little experience get real time help from a specialist.
Why GroupGet?

Jorjin is a HW/SW solution provider located in Taipei Taiwan. We are expert in modular minimization, optics, video, RF modules and SIP modules. We are also pretty handy at plastics, metals and PCB design and manufacturing. We are partnering here at Jorjin with GroupGets to expose our Smart Glass system to the Makers that need innovative solutions. We have been leading the industry in goggle tech since the beginning. And now we have this wonderful product ready for you. We have great support and collaboration with GroupGets engineering. So give us a try!

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