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Sigfox+BLE 4.2 Arduino Compatible Dev Board (Europe & Japan)

Sigfox+BLE 4.2 Arduino Compatible Dev Board (Europe & Japan)

Single-unit price: $84.00 + shipping

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Product Details


Sigfox+BLE 4.2 Arduino Compatible Dev Board (Europe & Japan)

Brand / Manufacturer

Jorjin Technologies Inc.

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Product Description

The WS2118-00 module is a cost-effective, high performance, ultra-low power, sub-1GHz and Bluetooth® low energy RF devices. Very low active RF and MCU current and low-power mode current consumption provide excellent battery lifetime and allow for operation on small coin cell batteries and in energy-harvesting applications.The radio frequency supports Sigfox RCZ1 and RCZ3.

Using this board, you can build very low power long range low bandwidth IOT platforms. Sigfox implements a LPWAN (Low power wide area network). Sigfox is a celluar style system that has been set up to provide low power, low data rate and most importantly, low cost communications for remotely connected devices

Sigfox is perfect for applications:

o Water and Gas Meter Monitoring
o Transportation Monitoring
o Remote Monitoring and control

Sigfox offerings over other Technology

o Very low power
o Predictable battery life
o Solid Service Level Agreement - Reliable
o Good deep indoor penetration
o Great user experience, Fast out of the box connectivity

With this board, you can simply connect it to your Arduino board, download the firmware and start coding and controlling your Sigfox Dev board and developing the product you like.

When you are ready to build your own board, your firmware you developed for your product can be used with the Sigfox Jorjin WS2119-A0 Sigfox BLE module. All you need to do is contact GroupGets and they can help you get modules.

This is the best Sigfox module in the world and together with this Sigfox Dev board, your on your way to making new disruptive products with this new Tech.


Why GroupGets?

Jorjin is a module manufacturer who focuses on bringing new and innovative technology to the market. We have made wonderful Dev board for SigFox which is new technology. We are partnering here at Jorjin with GroupGets to expose our great tech to the ProDIY and Makers that need innovative solutions. Our modules are quite competitive in cost and we at Jorjin have the smallest modules available with the lowest power. We hope you are delighted with your board. We want use the GroupGets platform to find early adopters and build relationships with manufactures of products around our technology. We have great support and collaboration with GroupGets engineering. So give us a try!

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Manufacturer product page

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A Dev Board

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Factory Lead Time

One week ship to Group Gets Days

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