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Thunderbolt 3 Bridge Board- PCIe 3 Gen 3 x4 extender

Thunderbolt 3 Bridge Board- PCIe 3 Gen 3 x4 extender


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120% Funded
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5 Unit Target
Ended 1 Year Ago

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Campaign Created

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Product Details

Thunderbolt 3 Bridge Board- PCIe 3 Gen 3 x4 extender
Mission Utility
Mfr. Part #
Product Description

Intel Thunderbolt 3 40Gbps
Input Voltage : 12V
PCIe Gen. 3 x4 slot x1
Type C port x2
Display port x1
Power-Delivery Supported
Thunderbolt 3 certified
Windows 7/8/10 and MacOS certified

Good for any PCIe cards

Thunderbolt 3 Bridge Board Example

Specifications and Information

  • Intel Thunderbolt 3 40Gbps
  • Thunderbolt Ports
    • 2
  • Thunderbolt 3 certified
  • PCIe Gen. 3 x4 slot x1
  • Compatible with any PCIe Card
  • Type C port x2
  • Display port x1
  • Operating System Compatibility
    • Mac OS
    • Windows 7/8/10
  • Thunderbolt Bridging, Intel
    • DSL6540
  • Interface
    • Thunderbolt3 x2; DP x1; PCIe slot Gen.3 x4
  • Power Delivery
    • Yes
  • Dimensions
    • 100 x 50mm
  • Weight
    • 0.2 Kilograms
    • .44 Pounds

Electrical and Operating Requirements

  • Input voltage
    • DC 12V
  • Input Current
    • 3A
  • Operating Temperature
    • 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
  • Storage Temperature
    • -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
  • Relative Humidity
    • 5% to 95%, Non-condensing


Why GroupGet?

This board is extremely helpful for Thunderbolt 3 device development and is used by both Intel and Apple. Even if you are not a developer, you still can get high speed transfer rates by adding any external PCIe cards to your laptop or PC's Thunderbolt port with this board.

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable
one Thunderbolt 3 bridge board
Unit Price
Campaign Part #
Campaign funded, scheduled end date: Sun, 17 Jun 2018 17:16:00 -0700
Factory Lead Time

3 weeks Days

Shipping Details
The seller will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

How it works

This is a group buy campaign that needs to acquire at least the stated minimum amount of pledges from backers like you before the Unit Deliverable and any Add-Ons ship. We do not charge anyone until the Progress above hits 100% or greater, otherwise there is no charge. All campaign products are vetted as existing and functional so your order will be fulfilled within the Factory Lead Time if the campaign succeeds. Please see our FAQ page for more details on our billing process.

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    I have just created the GroupGet for Thunderbolt 3 Bridge Board- PCIe 3 Gen 3 x4 extender!

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    Is there a datasheet available for this? If not what is the pinout for supplying external power?

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    @will We have added a picture with what the pins do to the campaign description.

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    @all, looks like this hit the 5 target last night and then someone backed out. That said, the campaign is not funded at this point and we've put a 30 day limit on it to keep it going. All we need is one more backer and we'll end it 5 days after that (per our standard closure policy post funding success).

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    This campaign is still live, it closed before it was supposed to but that is now fixed.

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    I think that these are shipping from stock but I'll verify. We have sent the payment to the mfr.