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AudioMoth (Round 2)

AudioMoth (Round 2)
339% funded


338% Funded
338% Funded
100 Backers
200 Unit Target
Ended 1 Over Year Ago

+ shipping

676 reserved of 200 Minimum
Limited quantity of 690 Available!

Product Details

Open Acoustic Devices
Mfr. Part #
Product Description

AudioMoth is a low-cost, full-spectrum acoustic logger, based on the Silicon Labs Gecko processor range. Just like its namesake, AudioMoth can listen for sound from audible frequencies, well into ultrasonic frequencies. It is capable of recording uncompressed audio to micro SD card at up to 384,000 samples per second.

  • EFM32 Gecko processor
  • Capable of recording uncompressed audio to micro SD from 8k to 384k samples/second
  • Records uncompressed WAV files to SD card
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries
  • Analog MEMS microphone
  • Analog pre-amplifier with adjustable gain
  • Measures just 58 x 48 x 15 mm
  • Configurable USB interface
  • Onboard real-time clock keeps track of time in UTC

AudioMoth is an output from a research project at the University of Southampton and the University of Oxford to develop low-cost acoustic sensors for environmental and biodiversity monitoring. The hardware design, and all associated software, is open-source and freely available. Note that AudioMoth is a prototype research tool, and is not a commercial product. As such, it comes with no warranty or guarantee that it is fit for purpose.

For more information about the AudioMoth 1.0.0 and device support, please visit the Open Acoustic Devices website.

Why GroupGet?

This Group Buy was created by Alasdair Davies of the Arribada Initiative in response to requests from a large number of individuals all wishing to individually acquire an AudioMoth device. The individual price of devices from CircuitHub varies with their current component stock levels and the number of devices ordered. We have chosen a fixed price to cover this variation in cost and to support users. This cost does not include taxes and duties. This margin will be used to purchase additional AudioMoth devices to be held in a common spares pool and to provide trial devices to interested parties. The Arribada Initiative actively supports both the conservation community and the developers of conservation technology, and is exploring how open tools can help the developers of conservation technologies to distribute, support and maintain the devices they design into the future.

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable
An AudioMoth device (batteries, SD card, USB cable and case not included)
Unit Price
Campaign Part #
Not available / campaign funded, end date: Mon, 08 Jan 2018 10:29:00 -0800
Factory Lead Time

We expect to receive the completed order from CircuitHub around 21 working days after the campaign ends and will promptly ship as soon as we get them. Days

Shipping Details
GroupGets will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

Options and Add-Ons

SanDisk Extreme® microSDHC™ UHS-I w/adapter- 32GB


Image of SD Card

USB A to Micro B Charge & Sync Cable


300.0 mm (0.98') Micro USB Cable, black

How it works

This is a group buy campaign that needs to acquire at least the stated minimum amount of pledges from backers like you before the Unit Deliverable and any Add-Ons ship. We do not charge anyone until the Progress above hits 100% or greater, otherwise there is no charge. All campaign products are vetted as existing and functional so your order will be fulfilled within the Factory Lead Time if the campaign succeeds. Please see our FAQ page for more details on our billing process.

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    Tushar Shinde

    Hi, wish to use this technology in one of our wildlife project. Kindly guide.

    How to use this?
    How many i would require?
    Any specific software require to use this?

  • Avatar

    Hi there,
    We took part in the first round. The shipping costs were quite high for shipping to Europe (the Netherlands to be precise). We would love to take part again. Is there a way to lower the shipment costs in this second round? Bests, Michiel

  • Bsfhk5ll normal

    @Tushar Shinde, please contact me directly at and I'll be happy to answer your questions. To configure the device software is provided via the Open Acoustic Devices website, but to know how many you will need we will need to understand what you are trying to do with the device.

  • Bsfhk5ll normal

    @mhuijsman, we have activated freight forwarding to the UK / EU for orders up to 10 devices. Are you ordering less than 10? You should see the cheaper shipping rate applied if so when you order. Kind regards, Alasdair

  • Aaue7mar2bvjxqxy2fc fzgzyyh3itxqpnsplzssmufkdq=s50
    David Brown

    I've just amended my order for 2 devices as I no longer need the sandisk memory and the shipping shows as $11 until I place the order when it shows as $51 - I could understand if the shipping was $11 per device - so has something not worked properly?

  • 9zi7mnmg normal

    Hi @batnovice,

    Thanks for letting us know about this. We have fixed the shipping amount on your order and we will look into this problem.

  • 9zi7mnmg normal

    Just a heads-up, we are capping this campaign to 690 units due to a critical component constraint. If you know anyone wanting to get in or if you plan to back more units there are only 10 days and 153 units remaining.

  • Avatar

    Hey, on my side the shipping I prepaid was $34.13 for Canada Montréal. Is this the correct shipping price ? Thank you

  • 9zi7mnmg normal

    We don't bill you until the campaign closes so there is no pre-payment. That is correct for Canada (with tracking and insurance)

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    David Martin

    I've just upped my order from 1 to 2 units and the shipping cost skyrocketed. Is there a bug in the system? Instead of $11 it went up to $46+.

    Please could @GroupGets look into this and fix it. Thank you.

  • 9zi7mnmg normal

    Hi @David, I have adjusted your shipping rate. We are aware of this bug and are working on a fix.

  • 9zi7mnmg normal

    We've started the billing process. If you got a notification about a failed transaction please try to correct it soon. We want to get to production ASAP.

  • Avatar

    Hi, Quick couple of questions on SD card compatibility. Can these be used with larger capacity SD cards than 32GB? And is there any restriction on class of card that is compatible? Thanks

  • Avatar

    Hi, my order payment went through with incorrect shipping cost - $46 instead of $11 charged to my credit card. Can your correct please? Thanks.